Russian students’ conceptualization of life calling, A qualitative analysis


The definition of calling was reflected in six themes: intrinsic motivation, success, “more than a job”, dedication, ability and energy influx. Positive affect, success, purpose, and interest were the most prominent indicators of calling, mentioned by more than a quarter of the respondents. Only 10% of the respondents identified a specific area or profession, which they believed to be their calling. The majority of the respondents described their callings in abstract terms (to provide benefit, to make the world a better place, to be happy), or indicated, that they were searching for it. Search for calling included observable activity aimed at exploration of different areas, as well as internal activity comprised of self-reflection and self-development..

Jun 29, 2018 —
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Polina Beloborodova
Polina Beloborodova
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Studying how mindfulness and sustainability help us to live more fulfilling and happy lives.